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Starting with 1992, we accepted the challenge of finding the best possible measures to help your business develop. We made our first steps by working with local clients and during the years, we collaborated with hundreds of businesses, both domestic and international. Today, we remain devoted to doing what we love by offering our services in order to help you achieve and maintain success with your business.


Our team of experts is always ready to help your business. We are constantly learning and focusing on our professional development and training in order to provide right and prompt solutions for all of the business challenges that stand in the path of our clients.

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Our clients say

Luke Agius Barthet

Venezia Lines LLC

Highly knowledgeable in their job. They are always available to assist and offer advice when requested to. They pay a lot of attention to detail which helps to ensure that all aspects of their job are done in a correct manner.

Ivan Đani Stojnić


We have been doing business together since 1994, which means that our ˝professional love affair˝ celebrated its 27th anniversary in 2021. BDM’s professionalism, quality, and promptness make them one of the best accounting companies. And here is proof for you – we haven’t been fined by any tax inspection ever. I’m certain that BDM will remain among the best in its class for many years to come!

Mario Cakar & Gimmy Valente

Adriatic Wave LLC

We at Adriatic Wave are thrilled to have B.D.M. from Poreč with us. It goes without saying that it's far easier to go from strength to strength when there is a top-notch accounting company supporting you and providing top-quality services.

Dalibor & Ivan Cetina

Libarna LLC

Given our inexperience and unfamiliarity with anything related to accounting, we were expecting a lot more issues on our hands. However, BDM are so good at their job that we can fully devote our time to ours. They are first and foremost professional, but it also needs to be stressed that they are very friendly and cooperative in their interactions.

Tihana Bašić

Yacht Insurance LLC

We started working with BDM at the end of 2017. I can say that BDM was a one-stop shop for us. Whatever we needed in terms of seemingly routine accounting tasks or assistance with finding any information or services, e.g. related to tax and legal matters, they delivered professionally and expediently. And on top of that, they have one heck of a team! :)

Anela Troskot, attorney at law

ZOU Ana Blečić-Jelenović & Anela Troskot

Ever since we started working with BDM, their level of integrity, honesty, and accuracy has not dropped an inch. They are also excellent at reading their clients’ individual needs. From their interactions, it is clear they are reliable and keen on achieving optimal results. In short, BDM helps you work smarter, and gives you the opportunity to focus on what you do best.

Albert Dekker & Nelleke Geertse

Ars Vivax LLC & Pod Dubon LLC

After our previous bookkeeper stopped working we moved to BDM. It then appeared that lots of issues were not well arranged in our two d.o.o.’s. Through a major cleanup operation BDM put everything to rights in tune with the inspection. BDM is professional and communicative and has a good network. We experience them as an excellent partner.

Branislav Martinović

B.M. - Projekt LLC

Having worked with BDM for over 10 years now, I can safely say that they are: exceptionally competent; well acquainted with the subject matter, laws, and tax regulations and never fail to dot the i’s and cross the t’s; professional; friendly; proficient in foreign languages; able to confidently handle the tax inspection, process the data on the latest software and swiftly communicate any challenging issue. It's nice to work with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Iris & Velimir Šoštarić, attorneys at law

ZOU Iris & Velimir Šoštarić

We don't know if BDM is the best accounting company out there, but what we do know is that our decision to choose BDM was the best decision we have ever made. They are top professionals in this line of work, thanks to their manager and her associates. When it comes to quality, they have set the bar very high, which drives us to excel at our job, too. When this great team handles your accounts, it feels more than just someone posting the figures in the ledgers, or completing the forms and making sure that all any and all tax collectors’ requests are fulfilled on your behalf, however obscure such requests might be. It’s much more than that: we feel protected from the risks and dangers one can so easily encounter when pursuing business, because we neither know about nor realise the staggering amount of Croatian red tape strangling our business. That’s why, for us, BDM truly live up to the meaning behind their company name - Best Decision Making!


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